Partners in Aspirations

It is a matter of great satisfaction for the foundation that in its aspirations and dreams, it is not alone but has always received a helping hand from many an organization and a friend within the city and elsewhere. The following list of partners in our aspirations is not exhaustive but only select. Their association with our work has made us truly proud:

■ Pune Municipal Corporation
■ University of Pune
■ Bharati Vidyapeeth
■ YASHADA (Yashawantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, Govt. of Maharashtra)
■ International Longevity Centre, India (ILC-I)
■ International Federation on Ageing (IFA)
■ World Health Organisation, South Each Asia Regional Office (WHO, SEARO)
■ GIVE India
■ CAF India
■ United Way of Mumbai
■ Volkart Foundation
■ Maharashtra Foundation,US
■ Share & Care Foundation,US
■ Shri Narendra Lakhani, US
■ Shri Anil Deshpande, US,
■ Dept. of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India
■ National Rural Health Mission
■ State Govt. of Maharashtra
■ Pune Netra Seva Pratishthan
■ Vanarai
■ Sir Ratan Tata Trust
■ GTZ (Germany)
■ Lions Clubs
■ Rotary Clubs
■ Primary Health Centre, Khanapur (Govt. of Maharashtra)
■ Various Senior Citizen Organisations
■ Jaycees
■ Make a Wish Foundation
■ Help Age India
■ Shri Rampadma Godbole Pratishthan
■ Accenture
■ Jindal