Care and Education of Street/Slum children

Foundation started this project since 2012 for the children begging on the road, living on the footpaths and for the children from nomadic tribes called Potraj, Paradhi, Gosavi, Banjair, Vadari, Gondhali, Garudi etc. Foundation’s social workers conducted survey and counseled the children and their parents on 2-3 occasions and were able to persuade them to take the school education. It was a difficult task as many children were helping their parents to earn livelihood. The other difficulty was to procure the necessary documents for school admission as these children had none including birth certificates. Presently 1200 such children were enrolled in various schools. Some of the areas from which these children enrolled are Phulenagar, Vishrantwadi, Potraj vasti – Sinhagad Road, Seven Loves chowk – Swargate, Wonder city – Katraj, Kalyaninagar, Wagholi slums, Karvenagar slums. We conduct the following activities for these children.

  • Counselling of children and parents
  • Procurement of age certificates from Sassoon Hospital
  • Medical Check up and treatment
  • Distribute School Uniforms, School Bags, Book, Notebooks etc.
  • Provide help in education (tutors).
  • Check attendance every 15 days and their progress.
  • Informal education – cleanliness, hygiene, manners.
  • Recreation, Picnics etc.
  • Distribute nutritious food.
  • Celebration of festivals and distributed sweet boxes during Diwali.
  • Arrange transport.
  • Arrange release from Police through Bal Kalyan Samiti if these children were caught by the police.