About us

Dr. Vinod Shah, M.D., renowned gastroenterologist, associated with many prominent hospitals in the city is the founder-chairman of the Janaseva Foundation. A highly accomplished physician and teacher of medicine, he has also been invited by the Governor of Maharashtra to be his Honorary Physician. The professional success however did not blind Dr. Shah to the misery and agony of India’s poor, sick and the powerless. The overpowering inner urge to be of service to people who needed it most got the better of him and he founded the Janaseva Foundation on 15th January 1988.The foundation started functioning from January 1990.

Janaseva Foundation began modestly by organizing health camps in rural parts of Maharashtra but soon set up a rural hospital and an oldage home. Over the years, the Foundation rapidly expanded its activities and has to its credit today a wide range of charitable projects. The ideals of service, affection, compassion and love held close to their heart by such prominent figures in India’s recent history as Mahatma Gandhi, Sane Guruji, Mother Teresa and Baba Amte have been its perennial source of inspiration and would ever guide its path in years to come.

The Foundation is a Charitable Trust registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. The Head Office of the Foundation is located in Pune city, Maharashtra, India. The Foundation runs on donations and is governed by a Board of Trustees. Its patrons, advisors and members of the Executive Committee- all persons of eminence in their own field- are always available to it for guidance and inspiration which makes the Foundation proud of its association with them. Mrs. Meena Shah is the driving force behind all this and she works tirelessly for the success of the foundation along with all the trustees. All the Patrons / Trustees are the who’s who of Pune and their reputation has spread beyond Pune, Maharashtra and even India.

Board of Trustees

• Dr. Vinod Shah, Chairman • Adv. Shri Vijay Saraf, Secretary • CA Vardhaman Jain, Treasurer • Shri Anil Bafna, Trustee & Chief, Constructions • Mrs. Meena Shah, Trustee & Incharge Administration • Prof. Ram Shinde, Trustee, P.R.O. • Shri Keshavrao Dhapare, Trustee • Shri Krishnakant Jadhav, Trustee • Shri. Anantbhai Shah, Trustee • Shri Nanjibhai Shah, Trustee • Shri Suresh Gankar, Trustee • Shri Vasant Jadhav, Trustee • Mrs. Kailas Patel, Trustee • Mrs. Ashwini Pethe, Trustee

Our Valued Patrons

• Padmavibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia, President, Vanarai • Dr. Gururaj Mutalik, former Director, WHO • Shri Bharatbhai Sanghvi, Managing Director, Automotive Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. • Shri Nitinbhai Desai, Managing Director, Desai Brothers Ltd. • Smt. Shobha & Shri Rasiksheth Dhariwal, Managing Director, Dhariwal Industries • Lion Shri. Madanbhai Sura, Industrialist • Bahri B.R. Malhotra, Industrialist • Dr. Abhay Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors Ltd. • Shri. Dawoodi F. Abid & Sau Rashida Abid, Businessman & Philanthropist • Padmashri Smt. Anu Aga, CMD, Thermax Industries • Shri. Hirabhai Shah (Chokhawala), Businessman • Smt. Achla Sachdev, Cine Artist • Dr. Jaising Patil, Educationist • Dr. Sudheer Shirali, Paediatrician, US & Dr. Charulata Shirali, Medical Consultant, US

Our Ambassadors in USA & Canada

• Shri Satish Sheth & Smt. Sushma Sheth – in USA • Shri Harshad Bavadekar & Smt. Anuradha Bavadekar – in Canada


* Dr. Sharatchandra Gokhale, former President, International Federation on Ageing, President ILC-I * Shri Prataprao Bhosale, former MP * Shri Muljibhai Shah, Industrialist * Shri Madan Bafna, former Minister of Maharashtra * Barrister Mohan Pungaliya * Dr. Satish Desai, * Adv. (Mrs.) Vandana Chavan, former MLA, Maharashtra, fmr. Mayor, P.M.C. * Shri Devichandji Jain, Industrialist * Shri Bankatsheth Kothari, Industrialist * Shri Deepchandji Parakh, Industrialist * Shri Prakash Parakh, Industrialist * Rtn Abhay Shah, Industrialist * Shri Raman Khinvasara,. Industrialist * Smt. Ashatai Sheth, renowned Social Worker * Smt. Kanchan Shroff, Social Worker * Shri Khimjibhai Gala, Businessman * Shri Jayant Lunawat * Shri Jayantbhai Shah * Shri Rajendra Kothari * Shri Amit Sancheti

Executive Committee

* Shri Ashok Bafna * Shri Ashok Baser * Shri Vithal Kate * Shri Ankush Kakde, former Mayor, PMC * Shri Devichandji Sanghvi * Smt. Mangal Jadhav * Shri Bipin Sheth * Dr. S.S. Shivade * Shri Jaiprakash Shroff * Smt. Kamaltai Bhosle * Shri Prbhakar Shukla * Shri Vikram Jadhav * Shri Yogesh Jain * Shri Kedar Dhapare * Ms. Pranjal Jain, * Shri Vishal Saraf * Shri S.R. Gandhi * Shri Anil Gujar

Hospital Committee

* Dr. Rajendra Gandhi * Dr. Jayant Navarange * Dr. Rajan Patel * Dr. Sampat Pungaliya * Dr. Pradeep Damle * Dr. Deepak Phalgune * Dr. Sachin Shah * Dr. Sameer Jadhav

Nursing School Committee

* Mrs. Meena Shah * Lion Madanbhai Sura * Shri Raj Sura * Dr. Prakash Shah * Mrs. Kailas Patel * Principal Mrs. Kini

Research Committee

* Dr. Gururaj Mutalik * Dr. Subhash Salunke * Dr. Anil Ravetkar * Dr. D.S. Phalgune * Dr. G.A. Panse * Dr. Manohar Dhadphale Ph.D. Guides – * Dr. P.M. Bulakh * Dr. Mrs Vandana Kakrani