Other Activities

Helping victims of natural disasters
Rescuing and helping victims of natural disasters has become over the years an important part of the Foundation’s working. For instance, the Foundation raised Rs13 lac on its own for the flood victims in the Mahad area during 2005 and added another Rs 2 lac donated by philanthropic organizations like Maharashtra Foundation and Share and Care. The trustees of the Janaseva Foundation made it a point to visit the affected areas and conveyed them help in the form of foodgrains, clothes, medicines and money. The Foundation had also earlier donated Rs. 1 lac to the cause of Gujarat earthquake and Tsunami.

Tree Plantation

The foundation has taken up what is named as Green Valley Project in cooperation with Vanarai, Sufalam Nursery (Raman Khinvansara) and Lions International. Under the project, nearly 5000 trees including medicinal plants have been planted on 2.5 acres of land at Ambi and Katraj

Dairy project – Cow shed

Taking into account the need of milk for the elderly and the patients, foundation’s well wisher Hon’ble Shivajirao Bhosale, Corporator Shri Dhole Patil and Rotarian Ishwar Uttamchandani gave donations for dairy project. Started with 2 Jersey cows, this project now has 8 cows and 5 buffalos. Approximately 50 liters of milk is obtained per day. Thus our elderly inmates and patients get pure milk.