Destitute Care

Destitute Rehabilitation Center

Following visits by its staff to a number of Mother Teresa centres in India, the Foundation established Destitute Rehabilitation Centre with a 100-intake capacity on 5 acres of land at Bhilarewadi in the scenic location of Katraj Ghat. The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of Rs. 43.5 lac by the Government of Japan for the project.

The Centre aims at the rehabilitation of the abandoned and destitute, those who are helpless and homeless but not helpless, through care, compassion and vocational training. It makes efforts to train these unfortunate victims of social apathy for some vocation with a view to enhancing their income-earning abilities and thus explores a possibility of their return to the society with dignity. Hundreds of such destitutes are rehabilitated and are now earning their bread and butter.

The Lions Club of Pune Central has provided a van which periodically visits Sassoon Hospital, railway station, ST stands and other public places.  Our social workers communicate with the destitutes staying there and those showing inclination are brought to the centre, where they are given clean bath and clothes, their health is checked and if required are given medical treatment. Then as per their education and aptitude they are given suitable vocational training. Children are given school education who along with disabled are given preference. Admission is also given on reference by the social workers.