Disabled Care

Simple encouragement, reassurance and timely treatment often go a long way to enable the disabled stand on their own feet. It has a potential of transforming their lives. For many varieties of physical disabilities, physiotherapy is the only answer. There is a special unit to oldage home who takes care of more than 40 handicapped senior citizens.

Physiotherapy Centers

The Foundation runs well-equipped physiotherapy centres at Ambi in Panshet, and at Erandwane and Aundh in Pune. The Centres are manned by well-qualified and experienced physiotherapists who are available daily at these centres from 4 to 7 p.m. The centres provide a wide range of physiotherapy services, including ultrasound massaging, nerve stimulation, tractions and machine-driven exercises. Some of the equipments at this centre are : Cervical and lumber traction unit with dual power control for cervical and lumber, Shortwave diathermy 500W (Trolley Model) with voltage booster & cooling fan, Ultrasonic machine (Total digital), Diagnostic & therapeutic muscle stimulator with tens (Digital), Programable stimulator with Tens, 75 programmes and burst tens mode, Interferential therapy unit (I.F.T.) Manual Programmable 29 programmes, Programmable with stimulator and tense (29 programmes of I.F.T. & 75 programmes of stimulator & Tense, Continuous passive motion (C.P.M.) with safety switch (digital), Tens, Paraffin wax bath, Traction table for traction M/c, Static cycle, Shoulder wheel, Rowing machine, Hip Cycle, Electrical vibrator, Walkers, Wheelchair, Aluminium crutches

Treatment is free for the needy patients and at nominal charges for others.