Welcome to JanasevaFoundation.org

Janaseva Foundation believes that service to people around is the true form of service to God. Since its inception in 1988 this simple truth became the guiding principle and motto of those who made the Foundation over the years. For them serving Him was synonymous with helping the helpless, irrespective of their caste, creed, community or colour.

The Janaseva Foundation strives to serve this goal by being a care provider to the weakest of the weak: the elderly, the disabled, the disaster-stricken and the destitute. At the same time, it looks to the development of the human mind and intellect through its wing devoted to education and training. The humanitarian cause is prime to its existence. Against this overriding goal, the cost considerations recede in the background. Most of our projects are located in Sanghvi Complex at Ambi & few are at Katraj, each on 5 acres of land.